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Made-to-Order Folding Table for the Beach or Camping

How many times have you been to the beach and wished you had a folding beach table and folding chairs? Sure you can get a portable beach table & chairs made out of plastic, is that what you want? How ideal would it be to take a table that folded flat to the beach or on a camping trip? A camping & beach table that isn’t heavy but works perfectly as an outdoor dining table?

Dinkwood for Innovative Table Design 

If you want to choose from a portable beach table selection or use the skills of Dinkwood’s craftsman. Dinkwood can produce a bespoke handmade beach table or portable picnic table to your requirements. All the folding camping & beach tables that Dinkwood produce are one of a kind. 

Each folding beach outdoor table or camping table ties in perfectly with any other camping or beach accessories. Ideal for placing drinks on or being used as a picnic table. 

Specialist Folding Camping & Beach Table Maker

Dinkwood is a UK company specialising in producing unique bespoke tables. Owned and operated for over 20 years, craftsman Julian, Dinkwood is renowned as the best handmade table maker in Northampton & the UK. 

Locally Sourced Wood to Make a Folding Table

To create a bespoke table, Julian sources the wood locally and air dries the wood in his dedicated table-making workshop. Renowned as a bespoke table designer and creative folding picnic table manufacturer, Dinkwood also undertake other projects. Such as bar tops, shelving and conference tables and uniquely designed wall & picture frames. 

Handmade Camping & Beach Table made from Driftwood

Living and working from my Northampton workshop can make sourcing wood beach driftwood difficult. As I’m far from the coast to search daily for driftwood. Although the wood we use to produce either a beach camping or beach picnic table has been either reclaimed or locally sourced. 

Let the Natural Beauty Shine Through 

Wood has a beautiful natural beauty and makes for an ideal tabletop. Each folding wood table, whether as a picnic table or camping table has a unique grain finish. 

If you have a folding table design or need ideas for a camping picnic table which can also be used at the beach. Please get in touch, Julian would love to hear from you. 

Folding Camping & Beach Table uses 

When not being used as an outdoor picnic beach table or portable camping table. The table can be used at home for an outside BBQ or garden party or taken to your local park to be used as a picnic table. 

As the table folds it does not take up much room and can be easily carried to any location. By simply folding the table out you have the perfect solution picnic table to place drinks and food on. 

Order your Folding Table Today

If you would like to own one of Dinkwood’s distinctive and unique handmade folding tables, please get in touch. Julian will be more than happy to discuss your folding table project or any folding table ideas you may have.

Julian not only makes unique wooden tables. When a table is ordered each table is delivered by hand and meets the client’s satisfaction.