Bespoke Amazing Epoxy Resin Tables 2nd to None

The epoxy resin tables UK are designed by Julian. Julian has been making these tables and related items for over 20 years. Dinkwood makes bespoke epoxy resin tables in the UK which are made by hand and made from real wood. All of these pieces are one of a kind. They are the perfect addition to any home and will look good in any room.

The designs are inspired by rivers, lakes, and cliffs. Our epoxy resin Tables will help bring a touch of nature into the home. The live edge wood slabs that are used in the constriction of our epoxy resin tables will look like the rocky coastlines and will make some great views. No older pieces with live edges are used. Only the most interesting piece is used in our furniture. We want to have our pieces reach you on a personal level and add meaning to your home.

Epoxy Resin Tables Made to Last

Our Epoxy Resin tables can be made in different sizes. You can select your wood species, the leg design, and the colour of the resin.

The price of the table will depend on the type of wood that you want. We commonly used oak, elm, walnut, and yew. These woods have beautiful natural colourings and they are durable for a kitchen or other table.

The live edge wood used in our epoxy resin tables is local and it is sustainably sourced. This allows our tables to be environmentally friendly. The epoxy resin is also sustainable. It will make a bone and will give each table a look that is unique. We want you to enjoy your table and want to make sure it adds a great look to your home. Each table has a finish made with Hardwood Oil. This oil is child and pet safe. It also contains natural oils that will help bring out the beauty in the wood. The wood grain will come through and the resin will pop.

Like the look and want to find out more? Get in touch with us now and have a chat.

Epoxy Resin Tables

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