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Bespoke Dining Tables made from Reclaimed Wood 

We all use dining tables but have you considered owning a handmade wood table to be used as a dining table? How about rustic handmade dining tables that give off a wow factor in any home? If the dining table is made from reclaimed wood then as a consumer you’re helping the environment so it’s even a bigger wow.

Wooden Dining Tables

Wood has always been the first choice for clients wanting a dining table. Solid wood dining tables are renowned for being sturdy and durable. Wooden dining tables adorn homes and restaurants all over the UK, with hardwood dining tables be the top of most consumer lists. 

Sustainable Reclaimed Wood Dining Table 

Most makers of dining tables are owned and run by conglomerates, these guys produce wooden tables in the thousands. With them, it’s all about profits with workmanship taking a back step. Are these companies using reclaimed wood to make dining tables? I think we all know the answer to that question!

Quality Bespoke Dining Tables 

If you are looking for quality dining tables, tables that will last and be an investment then you must consider a handmade table using quality reclaimed wood.

Bespoke Handmade Dining table by a Mastercraftsman

Dinkwood a company based in Northamptonshire and headed up and owned by Julian is the home of handmade bespoke tables. 

Julian has been producing and supplying reclaimed wood dining tables for more than 20 years. Dinkwood over the years has built a reputation for producing quality bespoke handmade luxury dining tables. If you reside in the UK and want a luxury dining table for your property. Then Julian’s reclaimed wood bespoke dining tables will be of interest to you. 

Julian doesn’t just make handmade dining tables. Julian also produces a fantastic range of wooden tables, bar tops and live-edge conference tables. 

Unique Rustic Handmade Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables 

Wooden dining tables have very unique features, wood is a beautiful material to work with to make tables. Solid wood dining tables which have been handmade are more affordable than you probably think. 

To find out how affordable Dinkwoods handmade wooden dining tables are, please get in touch. 

The Timber used to make Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables 

The best and most durable reclaimed wood to make dining tables is oak, elm, cherry and walnut. At Dinkwood our clients can choose from our range of popular recycled wood to create a bespoke dining table.

The most popular choice is a bespoke oak handmade dining table. Although each type of wood we use has unique features and colours. Craftsman Julian will create a perfect rustic handmade wood dining table just for your home.

Advantages of Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables 

Wooden dining tables made from reclaimed wood are more durable and are naturally sturdier than other types of handmade furniture. A reclaimed wood dining table is thought of as an investment that will stand the test of time. 

The Best Dining Table is Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables 

For longevity and durability as well as an investment opportunity. Rustic handmade dining tables designed and made by craftsmen Julian from reclaimed & recycled wood is the way to go. 

The beauty of a finished bespoke solid wood dining table is breathtaking. Dinkwood’s reclaimed wood dining tables will be a talking point when in situ on your property. 

How to Order Bespoke Dining Tables 

To order your very own reclaimed wood dining table just get in touch with Dinkwood. Send a message describing your requirements or project ideas for wooden dining tables. Julian will be more than happy to discuss your ideas and suggest the best bespoke handmade dining tables to suit your requirements. 

For beautiful bespoke reclaimed wood dining tables, make Dinkwood your first choice, you will not be disappointed.