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Handmade Live Edge Resin Table

A live edge resin table in a home looks stunningly beautiful. Whether as an epoxy resin dining table or a coffee table. Each resin table top is unique and will look breathtakingly beautiful in any home or business. 

One-of-a-kind Resin Table 

An epoxy-based resin piece of furniture such as a table will be one of a kind. The natural lines of the wood are incorporated to produce furniture that’s rustic in appearance. The use of epoxy-based resin integrates perfectly with wood to bring out a unique river effect suitable for all living spaces. 

Colourful Bespoke Crafted River Table

The name river table takes into account the stream of colourful epoxy resin running through the middle of the table. Whether you need a table for a restaurant, bar or home. A river table handcrafted using high-grade epoxy resin will become a talking point. 

Handcrafted & Unique River Table 

The epoxy resin river tables made by Dinkwood are handcrafted by Julian, a woodworker with years of experience. Each table produced is unique. Due to the nature of the wood used each river table manifests different characteristics with both colour and shape. 

Eco-Friendly Table River Table 

The wood used for each table has been reclaimed and sourced locally. Which is far more sustainable and eco-friendly than chopping down forests or buying a new table. 

What is an Epoxy Resin Live Edge Epoxy Table Top?

Live edge epoxy tables have become extremely popular since 2019. The live edge table top is the unfinished edges of tables, which shows off the wood’s natural beauty. Live edge tables are mostly constructed using hardwoods such as walnut, oak and maple. 

The natural live-edge of the wood including the bark is both visible and carefully preserved to become a natural beautiful piece of furniture. 

What is an Epoxy Resin River Table Top? 

It’s a table which has been constructed using two pieces of hardwood and then centrally infused together. This process is done by using epoxy resin thus creating a beautiful river effect. The use of these hardwood timbers makes a table hardwearing & sturdy, perfect for heavy usage. 

Live Edge River Tables, made from Walnut Wood and Resin 

Walnut is the popular choice of timber to construct a live edge walnut table. Although other popular choices for live edge resin river tables are oak and maple. 

Dinkwood’s Unique Epoxy Resin Tables 

To view the craftsmanship and beauty of an epoxy table, please visit our website. Click the past work link which opens a page showcasing epoxy resin river tables Julian has expertly crafted by hand. 

Why Choose Dinkwood’s Resin Tables?

Dinkwood a Northamptonshire-based company, was started 20 years ago by renowned craftsman Julian. Using his woodworking skills to create a table that is unique and custom designed. 

Over the last few years, Julian has honed his skills further by using an epoxy-based resin to create a table which is both distinct and artistically pleasing 

Order your Bespoke Table today.

To order a table or need advice or help with a table design for your next project? Get in touch with Dinkwood today. Julian would be more than happy to be of any assistance.