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Live Edge River Table

Northamptonshire-based Dinkwood makes custom solid wood live edge river table. My specialities include book-matched tables, bookshelves, coffee tables, and bespoke river tables. All my wood is air-dried and local. I’ve sold many UK tables in recent years. But, unfortunately, I’m a one-person live edge river table band. I’ve been knocking out a few beautiful beats on wood for a few years now.

How do Beautiful Resin tables & Live Edge River Tables Crafted by Dinkwood benefit your Home?

Consider purchasing a wonderfully crafted resin river table or live edge table from Dinkwood in Northamptonshire, UK, if you’re seeking a striking and distinctive way to bring personality and beauty to your house. These one-of-a-kind items are handcrafted from the best materials and offer several advantages that can improve your Home’s appearance and feel.

Stunning and Individual Design

Unlike any other furniture on the market, Dinkwood’s resin river tables and live edge tables are unique. Each item is individual and handcrafted to order according to your specifications, guaranteeing that no one else has a table like yours. You may choose the ideal beautiful river tables to match your house and style from various colours, forms, and sizes.

Characterises Your Home by Adding

Live edge and resin river tables are excellent choices for giving your house charm and personality. In addition to being practical, these items also serve as works of art that can become the centre of attention in any space. A resin river table or live edge table from Dinkwood will help you achieve your chosen style, whether you’re searching for a big, vital statement piece or a quiet, discreet complement to your decor.

Long-Lasting and Resilient

Live edge and resin river tables by Dinkwood are made to last. They are constructed from premium materials that can resist the abrasion and wear of regular use. As a result, you won’t have to worry about your lovely table breaking or degrading over time and can use it for many years to come.


The fact that Dinkwood’s resin river tables and live edge tables are customisable is one of its best features. You can select from various materials, colours, and sizes to build a piece that precisely complements your house and style. Dinkwood also provides a variety of modification possibilities, such as table legs and finishes, so you may design a piece that is genuinely one-of-a-kind and customised.


Resin river tables and live edge tables by Dinkwood are produced from environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. As a result, you can feel good about your purchase, knowing that it was created with consideration for the environment. Additionally, many materials used in Dinkwood’s tables are sourced locally, helping the neighbourhood economy and lowering the transportation industry’s carbon footprint.

Boosts the Value of Homes

Your Home’s worth may rise with a high-quality resin river table or live edge table from Dinkwood. If you decide to sell your house in the future, these attractive and distinctive pieces can help it stand out from similar properties.

Live edge and resin river tables are wonderfully versatile pieces of furniture. They can be fashioned in various ways to fit your own river dining table needs and preferences and used as coffee tables and side tables. Thanks to their distinctive and striking design, these tables can also be employed across multiple decor styles, from modern and contemporary to rustic and bohemian.

Further Bespoke River Table Options

Homeowners who want to give their living areas a distinctive feel increasingly turn to customised river coffee tables. These epoxy resin coffee tables are remarkable and eye-catching pieces of furniture thanks to the stunning live edge resin river that runs through the middle of a sturdy timber slab. Although the typical river table design is excellent, several additional bespoke river dining tables alternatives can elevate your Home.

Adding LED lights to the resin river is one of the most well-liked custom options for river tables. This is a smart option for homeowners who want to use their own river table as a statement piece in their living or dining rooms. The LED lights may be set to change colours or patterns, giving your table a dynamic and hypnotic feel. Additionally, it’s a fantastic method to give dinner parties or family get-togethers a distinctive atmosphere.

Utilising live edge wood in the construction of river tables is another custom choice. This indicates that the wood slab will be chopped to preserve the tree’s natural curves and contours. The organic edge of the wood and the sleek, smooth resin river are thus beautifully contrasted. The live edge choice is ideal for homeowners who wish to give their living area a natural resin for an organic feel.

Consider a custom river table design with several plastic rivers if you want something unique. This style is very well-liked for big dining tables, where several resin rivers can provide an elaborate and complex design. To further complicate your table, you can have the resin rivers flow in different directions or depths.

You can choose a custom river table with a clear resin river rather than a coloured one if you like a more subtle appearance. This design lets the timber slab’s inherent beauty shine through, resulting in a straightforward yet exquisite piece of furniture that will fit nicely with any home style.

Bespoke Epoxy Resin River Table

Epoxy resin tables combine wood’s natural beauty with resin’s unique appearance. Pouring coloured epoxy glue into a wood channel created a river-like design on these tables. In addition, the resin forms a durable, attractive surface after curing.

One of the epoxy resin river tables’ best features is its adaptability. Resin colours and patterns can complement or clash with wood. A dark wood table with light resin can look lovely and unique. Natural timber and tinted resin create a stunning, exciting look.

Unique and effective epoxy resin river tables. Since epoxy resin provides a smooth, robust, and easy-to-clean surface, these tables are perfect for dining, coffee, or artwork in a living room or office. The resin also protects the epoxy resin table wood from scratches and stains.

Another feature is epoxy resin river tables’ size and shape flexibility. Any space may accommodate small coffee and large dining tables. They can also have wood, metal, or acrylic legs. This flexibility allows a custom design tailored to the client’s tastes.

Finally, if you have a specific colour scheme in mind, you can select to have a custom epoxy resin river dining table constructed. Homeowners who want their epoxy resin river table to match a particular room in their house find this especially appealing. Again, you can pick from various hues and tones for the resin river to create a distinctive design that ideally matches your Home.

In conclusion, Dinkwood river tables shop in Northamptonshire, UK, makes a beautiful resin river table and live edge tables with many advantages for your Home. These bespoke epoxy river table types of furniture are a wise investment that you’ll love for years to come because they add character and beauty, increase home value, and encourage sustainability. Visit their website or contact them to learn more about resin river table makers Dinkwood or place an order. For your very own river coffee table today. Thank you for reading.