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Beautiful Unique Table Design for your Home

Julian has had a passion for designing elegant and unique handmade resin river tables and items for home decoration for more than two decades. Dink Wood creates bespoke, handmade, unique wooden furniture. You can use these pieces to decorate your home irrespective of your house theme or style. Julian also intended that the one-of-a-kind wooden furniture can be used as an ideal gift.


A Passion for Our Resin River Tables

We fell in love with our discovery of the resin river table. The concept entailed a fantastic combination of epoxy resin with wood. One of the best parts is the ability to use all kinds of wood that conventional furniture makers would not use. In most circumstances, a piece of wood with holes or cracks isn’t suitable for table design. However, it can be an asset for a river table, providing plenty of options for pouring resin. We refer to them as “character” and “features” and we love the way resin assists with preserving the history of the tree. It is a winning combination that helps us to design a unique piece of furniture that preserves a piece of history.

How do we make River Tables with Epoxy?

To create a river table, a slab of wood is cut down the middle. The straight edge from the cut will form the edges of the table, with the original, uneven edges facing each other to contain the resin river. You then fill the valley with epoxy resin to create the river and leave it to set. The resin can be a variety of colours. Blue or clear resins are currently popular, or why not choose a river made from your favourite colour. A finished resin river table ought to look as if a river is flowing through a valley. You can also include resin ponds and lakes on some river tables if the wood contains cracks and holes. Some of our smaller coffee tables are finished on both sides to exhibition standard.

A Table that is Versatile and Durable

This type of design allows you to turn the resin river table over to show the second side when you want a new look in your home. You get the benefit of having two river tables in one. The river of resin in the table forms a strong bond with the wood, meaning your table is sturdy and durable, as well as great to look at. We also make unique bespoke tables and furniture such as side tables, kitchen tables, conference tables, and stools.

Order Your Epoxy Resin River Table Today

Brighten up your household with a resin river table that will really stand out and catch the eye. Every epoxy river is unique, making your resin table one of a kind. The resin contained in the table is non-toxic, easy to clean, and safe for serving food. Delivery can be arranged throughout the UK. Contact us today for a free quote or visit our website for more information about our products.

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