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Our Epoxy Resin Tables are Second to None

Dinkwood resin tables is just one of the ideas of Julian has been developing over the years. This talented craftsman has been in the business of making handmade tables of unmatched quality for 20 years. What does it tell you? Julian has the experience of coming up with various beautifully designed resin tables from any type of wood.

How Do We Incorporate Resin into Table Design?

With the idea of rivers, lakes, and landmass incorporated into the design, resin river tables bring natural themes to your home. A table’s slabs imitate a river’s meanders and shoreline, and the epoxy resin forms a beautifully coloured river. Its design gives an interpretation of some of the earth’s most outstanding views. 

What Types of Wood Are Used to Make a Resin Table?

We can design and make various sizes of any resin table. We can incorporate your personal choice of resin colour and wood type. Species such as Walnut, Yew, Oak, and Elm make good timber for the construction of your table 

We utilize locally sourced live edge wooden slabs and combine them with a sustainable and eco-friendly resin, creating a robust final product. A solid wood top and sturdy table legs ensure that your table is capable of handling the wear and tear of a kitchen or dining room. River tables are unique in their design, and your guests will be suitably impressed when they see your original table design. 

The tables are finished in a topcoat of durable hardware oil that is pet and child safe. We also pack them with multiple natural oils, which bring out the wood’s incredible beauty.

Contact Us Today About the Table of your Dreams

Requesting a design for your river table is simple. Just give us your preferences, the size of the table, colour, etc, and we will take care of the rest. For more information about our products give us a call or contact us through our website

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