Wonderful Wood Resin Table

For over 20-years Dinkwood has had a passion for creating the most beautiful handmade tables and items for your home, and the wood resin table is no exception. Julian is the owner of Dink Wood, and his desire for the perfect piece to decorate your home has proven to be the driving force for the company.

Always on the lookout for truly unique and one-off pieces, river tables have become a passion for the company. Unlike traditional furniture makers we see flaws in the wood as an extra challenge to fuel our creativity with the finished piece.

The characteristic flaws in the wood tell us a story about the piece, and instead of being something that we throw away, we embrace these dynamic surfaces and look for ways for it to relate it’s story to you through your wood resin table.

During the construction of a wood resin table, the pieces are split down the middle, and the outer edges are placed in the centre. We then fill the gaps with an epoxy resin which can be any colour from clear to blue, red to green…

…The only limit is your imagination…

The finished result is a river flowing through the middle of your new centerpiece. The more character in the wood, the more distinctive the finish can be, with pools and lakes decorating the vista.

Smaller items, such as coffee tables, can be finished on both sides to an exhibition standard. Additionally, such pieces can also be double-sided. Getting tired of the view? Simply flip the top of the table and admire your completely new scenery.

We love to tackle new, unique one off pieces. Whether you’re looking for a small wood resin table; a stool; a side table; a hall table; a kitchen table; all the way to conference and banqueting tables, we can provide your own iconic table to be treasured.

No matter the challenge, we guarantee innovative, high quality workmanship in every piece.

Wood Resin Table

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