Stunning Live Edge Wood Tables

Live Edge Wood is an initiative that is run by Julian Owens, a master furniture creator with over 20 years of experience in designing beautiful home items such as handmade tables. Since memorial wooden furniture has been one of the best addition to any home, the products can also be used as gifts. The world should think about the live edge furniture to kill the monotony that is associated with the current pieces of furniture in the market.

Live Edge Wood Dining Tables

Now that the holidays are here with us, it would be best to find the best presents for your loved ones. And if you love your family, you should not think further, you should consider live edge dining tables. They are the most popular handmade tables, and your family will love it.

What does a Live Edge Wood Table mean?

A live edge table implies that a table is designed according to how the wood looks, and its slab edge maintains the original state. Craftspeople face various challenges in making this furniture, and at times, it appears unsafe due to the rough edges. However, some skills make this furniture risk-free. This can be either by leaving holes and fractures untouched while some may decide to fill any gap that seems to be dangerous.

What is the origin of Live Edge Wood Dining Tables?

The tables look that they are from the medieval eras, but the matter is that the tables started to emerge in the middle of the previous century. The most prominent live edge dining table practitioner was an American architect with Japanese roots George Nakashima, whose work has features of both American, Japanese, and global interior. The architect always said that natural edge is a moral idea; in other words, imperfect implies original.

How is this furniture made?

It must be noted that when slabs are cut, nearly 20% of the wood is wasted. But when it comes to living edge furniture, not more than 8% of the wood is wasted. Therefore, it can be argued that live edge furniture is more ecologically friendly than any other form of woodcutting.

Why is this furniture so popular?

Currently, this category of furniture is so popular. They are very trending even celebrities such as Ellen are using them in their show.

One of the reasons why they have become so popular is due to the fact they are eco-friendly. Also, celebrities make them famous because when people see a product being endorsed by their favorite stars, they tend to buy them. Besides, the furniture can be used anywhere, whether at the office, home, or forest cabin.

Where can you get one?

At the moment, many online and offline shops are selling live edge products. But it’s advisable to pick quality over price or shop. That is why we are one of the best in matters concerning live edge furniture. We not only sell the furniture, but we will also provide you with qualified advice on how you should manage your furniture. We sell quality furniture from the best wood, these include:

  • Walnut
  • Oak
  • Pine
  • Ash

Final thoughts

Are you looking for a uniquely designed table? If that is the case, you are in the right place at the right time with the right people. Just ask for a custom-made product, and we will provide you a live edge wood dining table; it can be long or narrow; depending on your preference. We are here for all of your river table and bespoke furniture needs, with plenty of unique and one of a kind ideas to suit any decoration or requirement that you may have!

Live Edge Wood

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