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Professionally crafted wooden epoxy resin furniture

Julian has had a passion for creating gorgeous, wooden furniture for over 20 years, and his resin wood table is no exception. He handmakes all of his unique pieces and uses locally sourced wood to make your resin wood table even more personal. A resin wood table can be a great addition to your home or office and make a great gift idea for loved ones.

When Julien discovered river tables, he saw an opportunity to create distinctive art with wood that would usually be discarded due to imperfections. This quickly became his new passion. He knew that these imperfections would give river tables more character! Julian loves preserving the beauty of nature in his work.

Wood table design with a colourful resin river

Dinkwood craftsmen make river tables by cutting a slab of wood in half; – walnut and oak are both good choices for this. The live edge of the wood (the natural edge with ridges) is placed in the centre of the piece creating space for a river. This is filled with a high-quality epoxy resin of any colour you choose. The finished resin wood table will have the epoxy river flowing straight through it. Depending on your wood, some tables will have epoxy ponds and lakes in them as well. If you order a coffee table, you can actually choose to have both sides finished with live edges.

This feature makes it possible to have two unique sides of the same resin wood table! You can admire one side for a while, and switch it whenever you like. Dinkwood design and make custom epoxy furniture of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a hall table, kitchen table or dining table, we can create a stunning wood and epoxy design for you. We also cater for larger pieces such as bespoke conference and banquet tables. Our goal is to make beautiful furniture that every customer wants in their home.

Epoxy tables are non-toxic & safe to use as a dining table

Our epoxy resin table designs can suit a variety of purposes and be equipped for any room in the house. For dining, it is essential that any contact between food and the epoxy in the tabletop won’t pose a risk. The epoxy in our tables is non-toxic and each table is safe to be used in kitchens and for dining.

Order your epoxy river table today

If you would like to order your own custom resin wood table, please contact us via our website. Furniture delivery can be organised throughout the UK, cost dependant on location.

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