Extraordinary Top 10 River Coffee Table

When it comes to making a great river coffee table, experience and an artistic ability really matter. With over twenty years of experience, Dinkwood is run by Julian who is passionate about making top-notch quality handmade tables for the home. Dinkwood is reputable for the creation of top quality hand-made wooden furniture that anyone would desire as a perfect home addition. The river coffee table makes one of the beautiful and bespoke earthy coffee tables that Dinkwood’s timber experts design.

What to Expect from Dinkwood’s Furniture

Its unique furniture adds a sense of outdoor

When it comes to design, Dinkwood offers some interestingly unique furniture that spices up your deco with an outdoor feel, thanks to the stunning grains and autumnal tones. Dinkwoods craft the best river coffee tables using high-end stave slabs sourced from sustainable woodlands and forests. After obtaining the wood, what follows is vacuum kiln drying it to achieve maximum stability and protection against disfigurement and warping.

Each wooden slab is handpicked for its innate imperfection such as cracks, knots, and also striations. This is then infused with Dinkwood’s epoxy resin offering the wood great glassy details that promise to add some interest to your desired surroundings. The slabs are then set apart having them centrally infused in the middle with the epoxy resin to offer the furniture the iconic and beautiful river effect. Additional effects can such as Dinkwood’s bark preservation technique also be added to bring out some awesome results.

Dinkwood offers several edging styles to choose from with your River Coffee Table

We all know that variety is essential when it comes to items like furniture, thanks to the different tastes and preferences we all possess. Dinkwood offers a list of three edging styles to choose from when it comes to its furniture. The live and waney edging is known to create a more rustic and rural appeal owing to the tree’s natural shape. On the other edge, the straight or square edging can be chosen for a modern and more contemporary feel. Finally, both edgings can be incorporated to make the mixed edging style.

Worth mention is that Dinkwood’s river coffee tables are available with different leg styles in a variety of different materials. Customers are advised to use Dinkwood’s table legs since they are calibrated to support both the size and weight of your coffee table unlike most in the market. Dinkwood’s legs are available in aged steel, stainless steel, brushed steel, or the matching wood variation. Dinkwood will offer you the perfect finishing for your coffee table to suit your environment either for your home or corporate space.

There are two finishing options to choose from

The finishing of an art piece is as important as the whole process of designing it. Dinkwood offers two finishing options to choose from including transparent lacquer or a color enhancing oil. The transparent lacquer works to protect surfaces by offering a thick barrier against corrosion and damage.

On the other edge, the color enhancing oil penetrates the timber to offer multiple layer protection. The crafting of the stunning coffee tables can be done alongside other furniture pieces such as worktops, breakfast bars, windowsills, and shelving. Multiple furniture bought together can be crafted from the same tree for a unique set of matching items.

Notably, river coffee tables take around a month to complete. Time invested is a result of high-quality assurance in hand-making the tables. The river coffee tables can be delivered for you or you can pick your order by yourself. See what we have to offer by visiting our projects page.

River Coffee Table

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