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Bespoke resin river tables from Dinkwood

Looking for the perfect wooden table for your home? Or perhaps a gift? At Dinkwood, we create unique live edge wooden tables that will fit any decor and make a perfect addition to your home. Dinkwood is run by Julian, who has over 20 years of experience as a craftsman. His passion for creating wooden river tables has led to the creation of some fantastic products. 

A river table will look great and stand up to everyday wear and tear. We use durable wood slabs, which combine well with a reliable material such as epoxy resin. You can be sure of getting a solid product that is built to last.

river table

What is so special about river tables? 

The river table is one of Julian’s favourite pieces to make. This unique table is made by combining epoxy resin with wood. What is so different about river tables is that we use wood that is full of cracks and holes, something most furniture makers would discard. But we see these features as giving the piece character. We love the way that the resin works to help preserve the tree’s story – warts and all! The way each product is designed also means that every table is unique. The table you choose for your home will never be replicated. it is a true one-off. 

How do we make a river table?

To make a river table, we take a slab of wood and cut it down the middle. We then take the outer live edge from each slab and place it in the middle. The edges create a valley that is filled with epoxy resin. It can be clear, blue, or another colour of your choice. The point of the valley is to make it look like a river is flowing through the valley of the table. For wood that has a lot of character, lakes and ponds even form!

The hardened epoxy resin in a table is completely safe for dining and playing, or any other use you may have for it. Each product is solid enough to withstand the rigours of everyday life, in addition to looking fantastic. 

We design tables for all occasions

For smaller river tables, it is possible to finish them on both sides. You can then simply turn the table over for a fresh, new river look. It’s like having two tables in one! For your convenience, we can make these unique tables to whatever size and purpose you desire. Our tables make fantastic ornamental pieces but are also sturdy enough to be used for dining and preparing food. Customers love our extensive selection as well as the versatility that these tables offer. They can choose from something small like a stool, or a side table. Or they can decide on a bigger item such as a kitchen table, dining table, or even banquet river table. Give us your product specifications and we will meet the challenge!

Order your epoxy river wood table today - ask about free delivery

To learn more about our river tables and to organise a bespoke design of your own, call Dinkwood on 07962 152596. Alternatively, you can contact us via our website. Free delivery in the UK can be arranged for most products. 

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