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Add a quality crafted table to your home

If you are searching for perfect wooden furniture, Dinkwood river tables could be exactly what you are looking for. Take advantage of the chance to own quality crafted tables for your home or office. Our customers have the luxury of choosing from a selection of wood types, and a range of colours for the epoxy design. Our design and craftsmanship has led Dinkswood to become one of the leading epoxy furniture producers in the UK. 

River Tables UK

How do we make epoxy river tables?

An epoxy river table is a table that is made from wood and epoxy. It is sturdy and resistant to scratches while adding a nice decorative touch.

We use an epoxy resin that will cure at room temperature, and make a solution of it with a solvent, usually acetone (nail polish remover). We make a thick paste out of the resin and solvent, and stir it as the solvent evaporates. The epoxy is poured into molds, and it is allowed to cure. When it’s cured, our team removes the epoxy from the molds to create a resin table.

What's special about our table's river design?

Advanced techniques allow manufacturers to produce authentic character tables. Customers will appreciate the eye-catching epoxy river design in the table when it’s on display in their home. Epoxy resin is used to enhance the table’s natural beauty and give it a professional shine that few products can match. It is even possible to shine Dinkwood’s river tables products on both sides to give them a fresh new look.

Our service includes custom made multi-purpose tables

Customers can turn Dinkwood’s tables on either side which is great for people who need more versatility from their furniture. Some Dinkwood products are even designed to encourage people to use them for games nights and other purposes. Our professionals are capable of producing any kind of table you require for a reasonable fee. You can even tell staff what you want and they will make it for you within weeks of ordering it.

Your river table will be functional, durable, and safe

The quality of design and craftsmanship that goes into each table will give it a life span of decades. In addition to looking great, your table will be sturdy, durable, and easily capable of handling the wear and tear that comes in a family household. The epoxy in the table is non-toxic, and wont pose a risk to children or family pets.

Order epoxy river furniture today - choose the table of your dreams

Our friendly staff pride themselves on producing an extensive range of epoxy river furniture. It could be a smart coffee table, or one of the bedside, board room or dining tables that we offer. You can speak to us in person or over the phone or contact us online. Delivery available throughout the UK. 

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